NORR11 - Elephant Dining Chair | Black Frame | Leather

EUR 872

The Elephant Dining Chair from Norr11 is a dining chair version of the popular Elephant Lounge chair. The legs are shared with the tried-and-tested NY11 dining chair, while the seat and back are pressed in the same soft curve as the Elephant Lounge chair. The result is a light and elegant dining chair, with the elephant-shaped back comfortably curving around the body.
Elephant Dining is made from solid oak, where the seat and back are made of laminated oak veneer. In addition, the seat and back are upholstered in the highest quality leather, as well as 25 mm foam blend for superior comfort. The upholstery gives the chair a solid appearance, contrasted by the slim contour of the veneer edge. "Elegant, simple but robust without being clumsy".

Designer NORR11, Kristian Sofus Hansen and Tommy Hyldahl
Material Oak, oak veneer, premium leather
Size H80.5 x W47 x D53 cm, Seat height: H45.5 cm