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NORR11 - Frames Pendant

EUR 470

Frames is an award winning design produced in FSC certified massive oak. Designed by Anna Ohmsen and Emma Bukhave Vidarsson, Frames won the FSC Design Awards and the Mad & Bolig Design Awards in 2018. Frames is a dynamic pendant lamp which can transform from a 2-dimensional appearance to a 3-dimensional object. We live in a time where lightning is becoming digitally adjustable. Frames is a manual contrast to the digital world.


With the manual rotation you can create different light settings and change the expression of the design. In other words Frames, create a dialogue between you, the design and its natural material. The design consists of 72 joints. Every single frame is handmade and quality checked before it´s connected with carefully selected parts in brass. Frames are available in 4 different wood finishes: natural, smoked, dark stained and black.

Designer Anna Ohmsen & Emma Bukhave Vidarsson
Material FSC certified oak
Lyskilde E14