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Karup Design - Chico | Daybed

EUR 899

Sit, Transform, Dream ...
Chico daybed is a basic user-friendly design, while being highly adapted to your changing needs. Chico easily changes its shape from two Tatami mats, two futon mattresses and two pillow sets. There are no hinges; In fact, its pieces fit together without any kind of connecting parts. That means you can easily convert your Chico from sofa to a double bed! This simple yet effective sofa is perfect for partying, relaxing and hosting your guests.

Designer Karup Design
Material Futon mattress and pillows: 80% Cotton + 20% Polyester
Size Matress: H12 x B70 x L200 cm / Pillows: 50 x 55 cm
Weight Maximum Supported Weight: 250 kg
Diverse Tatami mats: Rice straw
Diverse2 Seat depth: 70 cm