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By Lassen - Kubus Bowl Small

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The Kubus Bowl is based on the original sketches of Mogens Lassen, which contains elements from Bauhaus, of which Mogens Lassen was very inspired. The bowls are a natural extension of the iconic Kubus candlestick series, designed by Mogens Lassen back in 1962. The Kubus Bowl can decorate year-round and include everything from flowers to herbs, fruits, vegetables or your favorite sweets. The Kubus series is produced in Denmark with a focus on high quality and solid craftsmanship and is one of the kind of designs that lives on for generations.

Designer Søren Lassen 2005
Material Lacquered steel
Size 14 x 14 cm. Width of metal profile: 6 mm
Washing instructions Cleaning: Wipe off with a cloth, not suitable for dishwasher.
Diverse The bowl can be separated from the frame.