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By Lassen - Kubus Bowl Centerpiece Small

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The dictionary definition of an essay is “a container of decoratively arranged flowers and fruits, typically placed on a table as a decoration” and Kubus Centerpieces, designed by Søren Lassen, is just that; the perfect ornament of the dinner table.

The design draws on simple geometric shapes such as the square and hemisphere as recognized from the Kubus Bowl, but as the Kubus Centerpieces are lower, they make an ideal base for brightly colored floral arrangements, plants and any other creative decoration. Comes with posts that make them suitable for food and other vegetables or your favorite sweets. The Kubus series is produced in Denmark with a focus on high quality and solid craftsmanship and is one of the kind of designs that lives on for generations.

Designer Søren Lassen 2018
Material Lacquered steel
Size D14 x W14 x H7 cm. Metalprofilets bredde: 6 mm
Washing instructions Cleaning: Wipe off with a cloth, not suitable for dishwasher.
Diverse The bowl can be separated from the frame.