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Raawii - StrÝm | Medium Jug

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The stylistic sculptural pottery series STRØM COLLECTION by Raawii is created by Nicholai Wiig-Hansen. The series draws inspiration from the still life of Danish modernist artist Vilhelm Lundstrøm. The collection consists of bowls, vases and jugs that interpret the painter's cubist understanding in versatile refined designs that add value and ambiance to any room.

The jug adds a modern touch to the table, is perfect for hot or cold drinks and for simple floral arrangements that even recall a picturesque still life.


The sculptural ceramic STRØM COLLECTION is handmade in Portugal using a slip-cast technique and comes in a vibrant color palette of vibrant orange, coral blush, green, yellow, gray, purple, red and blue.

The products are created with a clear sense of proportion, the designer must be able to see and hear and then the production has respect for people and society.

Designer Nicholai Wiig-Hansen - 2017
Material Eartenware
Size 24 x 15 cm