Raawii - Jam candle holder

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Visual artist Michael Kvium is best known for his paintings, but has for some time laid the brushes, to enter into a collaboration with his "artist brother" Nicholai Wiig Hansen behind the company Raawii. It has become a refined figurative candlestick made in faience, which adds avant-garde aesthetic value and ambiance to the room...a piece of art!


Jam Candle Holder draws inspiration from Kvium's very own expression by depicting the grotesque and absurd, and taboo in human existence - according to Kvium himself, with inspiration from everyday life.
The products are created with a clear sense of proportion, the designer must be able to see and hear and then the production has respect for people and society.
The sculptural ceramic stage is handmade in Portugal.

Designer Michael Kvium
Material Eartenware
Size 25 x 35 x 31 cm