HAY - Nelson PEAR WALL Sconce

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The Nelson Pear Wall Sconce is part of Nelson's Bubble Lamp series. The fine organic shape is designed to be attached to a wall using a walnut wall mount and steel arm that has a swivel hinge. This design makes it easy to adjust the light sideways from left to right and up and down. The light is beautifully filtered through the material, providing a soft, even and cozy light for any interior.


Originally designed by Bubble Lamp Series in 1947, George Nelson is one of the kind of designs that live forever, through its light steel-covered skeleton, simple lines combined with the modernism of the 50s, bringing a perfect weight and design expression.


In addition to wall lamps, there are pendants with the same beautiful design.

Designer George Nelson 1952
Material Nickel/Polymer/Walnut
Size W33 X D53.3 X H44.5 cm
Power plug Each Lamp is supplied with up to 366 cm of cord and an integrated pull switch on lamp shade
Lyskilde Not included: E27