Ingo Maurer - Luxury Pure

EUR 3.758

Luxury Pure consists of three luxurious sails of aluminum or gold coated paper and gives an indirect light. The lamp transforms the ceiling into a three dimensional surface that extends 40-50 cm (16- 20 in) down into the room. A minimum ceiling height of 250 cm (99 in) is recommended. The gold version creates a warm glow, while the aluminum version spreads a more neutral light. 
Designer Ingo Maurer & Team 2004
Material Gold or Aluminum Coated Paper
Size 180x180 cm / 70.9x70.9 in
Light bulb 500 w halogen R7 included
Diverse LED version for 230 volts: With electronic transformer, secondary 37 V, continuosly dimmable.
Diverse2 For ceiling heights of 270 cm and more. Only available in Gold.