Ingo Maurer - One new Flame

EUR 698

One New Flame is a distinctive "floating candle" that never burns down. At the upper end of a sleek circuit board, suspended on fine wires, a candle seems to flicker in the wind. Up close, you will perceive a double-sided rectangular display made of 128 LEDs (each side), which renders the image of a burning flame. From a slight distance, the LEDs 'melt' into the image of a single flame. Sophisticated programming of the LEDs and their warm color temperature make the flame look astonishingly realistic. A movie of a burning flame was converted to pixel data and then coded to each individual LED to reflect the movement. The luminosity of the two displays is roughly comparable to a standard white candle. The silver circuitry and controllers, visible on board, create an elegant composition of mysterious and delicate ornamentation.
Designer Moritz Waldemeyer, 2013
Material Circuit board, metal, plastic, double-sided display w. 128 LEDs
Size H43xW3xD0,3cm
Light bulb 2 x 128LEDs, 0,6Watt, 2700 K
Diverse Integrated electronic transformer