Ingo Maurer - My New Flame USB - Red - Table lamp

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My New Flame is an "electronic candle" from Ingo Maurer. In collaboration with Moritz Waldemeyer he has developed My New Flame, which mixes high-tech technology and a poetic expression. The table lamp is like a candle with a flame that blows in the wind, but it is pure illusion. The flame is a double-sided LED display, where the LEDs are programmed to move like a "real" flame. Even the warm glow are recreated in the sophisticated programming. The "candle" is replaced by a narrow strip of printed circuit board that gives the lamp a high-tech look.
Designer Moritz Waldemeyer, 2012
Material Circuit board, metal, plastic, double-sided display w. 128 LEDs
Size H40cm , Base:9x9cm
Power plug Charges w USB
Light bulb Double-sided display – each with 128 dimmable LED. 5 volts, 0,6 W LED, 2700 K, CRI 80
Kg 5kg
Diverse Uses 4x rechargeable AA batteries - Not included