Ingo Maurer - Brick Plus - blue base

EUR 785

Brick by Ingo Maurer is a multi-functional lighting system for use over the desk, dining table, kitchen or hallway. Brick consists of a Brick base component which may be used as a single module or in combination with up to two Brick Plus modules that are added in the sides. The elements rotates 360¡ and can light both up and down. Brick is with built-in LED light and made in aluminum and powder-coated metal. The screen comes in neon yellow, neon red or silver, which are free to be put together with one of the 3 base colors; blue, black or aluminum. The result is an impressive cool lamp with high functionality and the ability to adapt to the individual's personal needs.
Designer Ingo Maurer Team 2013
Material The body comes in black, blue or aluminium, the diffusor in fluorescent red, yellow or silver.
Size L46 cm
Lyskilde 42 LED, 17 W
Diverse extra module for Brick base, no suspension