Just Right - STOFF | Candles 6 pcs

EUR 11

The exclusive STOFF Nagel candle lights are handmade in collaboration with Danish Ester & Erik. The non-drip candles are made of paraffin wax and are tapered in shape, making them suitable for a beautiful table cover together with the STOFF Nagel candle holders. The lights are self-extinguishing come in a box of 6 and the average burning time is 4 hours per light.

The beautiful STOFF Nagel was designed in the 1960s by Werner Stoff for Hans Nagel. After a number of years, production ceased and vintage candlesticks have been sought after by collectors and design lovers over the years. Just Right was granted the rights to reproduce the stake, and the choice fell on the name STOFF because it was Werner Stoff who originally designed it.

Designer Ester & Erik
Material Paraffin
Size H: 29 cm D: 1,3 cm
Diverse 4.5 hours burning time